The Village Bakery we’re doing more than baking great pastries, we’re baking a difference.

The Village Bakery is a not-for-profit business serving fresh baked goods, delicious drinks and coffees, and tasty ice creams. But our mission runs deeper than good food – we’re creating meaningful, community-based work for men and women with developmental disabilities. We do this by creating an integrated workplace, where people with developmental disabilities work shoulder to shoulder with other experienced staff.

The goal is to instill our men and women with the confidence to do work in front of the public and competence to do it well. Our desire is that, equipped with “a resume and a reference” potential employers will have the assurance they need to hire with confidence.

People with developmental disabilities can have an active and meaningful role in today’s world of work- they just need a chance to prove themselves.

Thank you for supporting us. And thank you for helping us “bake a difference” in so many lives.Donations are most gratefully received and are used to support the Village‚Äôs programs that enrich the lives of the men, women and students who find a caring and empowering community here. Through you support, we are able to provide adults with developmental disabilities a safe, compassionate and meaningful environment. Visit our website to learn more about the programs at the Village of Progress.